Privacy Policy

High Wycombe Lawnmower Repairs respects your privacy and guarantees that all personal information supplied to us will remain completely confidential and secure. As an Australian registered business we will only retain your name, postal address, email address and contact number, in the form of a tax invoice and/or online checkout from from an online transaction placed through our website. These details are kept for tax related and return/refund purposes only and will be required to be kept for a minimum of 7 years from the date of the transaction.

As all online payments are made via the PayPal website, High Wycombe Lawnmower Repairs does not have any access to customer credit card or debit card details, therefore can not collect, store or pass on or re-use this information. High Wycombe Lawnmower Repairs will also never distribute or sell any personal information (including names, business names, phone numbers, postage addresses and email addresses) to third parties, and will never send promotional or other advertising emails to your inbox or postage address unless requested to do so by the customer.

If you have a complaint or any other outstanding issue relating to this website and its content, please advise us as we wish discuss and rectify any issue immediately. Contact can be made by phoning 0450 068 859 or by email via our Contact Us link.

Unless stated otherwise, all parts listed on this website are non-genuine/aftermarket parts suitable for fitment/use with advertised make/model. If you believe a product listing, product name or reference to OEM part number to be incorrect or not applicable, please contact us immediately with your concerns and we will investigate the matter and rectify the relevant material appropriately. 

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